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Inspiration – Passion – Vision – Mentor Success

10 years ago, I was shocked when I saw Art Rascon’s documentary about Houston’s "Street Kids". I was inspired to make enquiries about how I could make a difference in disadvantaged teen’s lives.

Eventually, I discovered a mentor program which had just been started at Lee High School by a volunteer mother, Sandy Marriott. Sandy saw a great need for a mentor program to help at-risk students finish high school, to continue their education beyond high school, and to give them hope for their future.

I am passionate about helping these students by matching them with adult mentors, “one-on-one”, gender-to-gender’, so they can have a successful positive adult in their lives to be a friend, a trusted listener and advisor, and someone who cares about their future.

Project Hope mentors are outstanding human beings. The mentors are the reason that Project Hope is so successful. Amazing relationships are developed between the students and the Project Hope mentors. Many relationships continue even after the student graduates high school.

This is my 11th year as Director of Project Hope and my vision is to help and support as many students as possible by:

  • helping kids have hope for their future
  • to graduate high school and to go to college
  • to take charge of their lives
  • and to expand the program into other schools

I am proud to say that our retention and graduation rates are high. The success of the program is due to the mentor’s persistence, patience and commitment to their students. We have great stories from the students themselves.

After students graduate high school, their mentors come back to mentor another student. This tells me that the rewards for both students and mentors are amazing.

We are never short of students and we are always looking for more mentors. If you feel in your heart that you would like to be a mentor, then please contact us. We accept new mentors throughout the school year. There are students waiting for mentors. We need you. If you want to become a mentor, [contact us].

Sheila Howieson
Founder & Executive Director
Project Hope of Houston

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