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Welcome to Project Hope of Houston

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The object of the program is to expose the student to a more productive way of life. Our goal ensure that every "at risk" student at H.I.S.D. schools will have the opportunity to participate and to have a personal mentor. Recruitment is a continuous process so that the supply of mentors will adequately meet the student's needs.


Project Hope of Houston's mission is to provide "at risk" high school students with a program of hope, direction, and encouragement.  To achieve our goals, we supply each student with a trained mentor to assist them in setting and achieving goals, including graduation, to develop skills necessary to pursue higher education or a trade, and to support them as they face the many difficulties of life.  Ultimately, our efforts are directed at realizing the potential of each student.


"Project Hope" (Helping One Person Excel) was created in 1998 when a senior teacher recognized a need for student counseling to help with domestic crisis, substance abuse, peer pressures, truancy, and other issues hindering a student's performance at school. Thus the program serves" at risk" students attending H.I.S.D. high schools by bringing in volunteer mentors and speakers from the community to meet with and encourage students.


  • Continue to ensure the opportunity for participation of " At Risk" students at H.I.S.D. high schools
  • Have a volunteer group large enough to give us a volunteer-to client ratio of 1.5.
  • Continue to train and develop volunteers.
  • Develop a comprehensive menu of additional services including after school tutoring, workshops, seminars, and lectures.
  • Secure additional corporate sponsors and conducting fundraising activities for program expansion such as: computers for extra curricular research, field trips( to include food and transportation), summer school, incentives/awards, scholarships, mentor support functions, purchase office supplies and to support the program director and administrative staff.

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